We are changing how Washington DC works?

“If Americans were lobbyist and not just voters, politicians would be held more accountable. Now, we can support good candidates in real time just like the Washington lobbyist."

“ We Fund Politics is about supporting the candidates you like, and getting you involved in politics. Now, you can donate your car or money to support good candidates.”

Our Goal

Good people are all over the USA. You can jump start a campaign to get them in Washington working for us.

  • Mobile-Friendly Campaigns
  • Free to Start a Campaign
  • No deadlines or goal requirements
  • Just pick good people

Good people do not want all the aggravation of public office. However, you can show them all the support they have with out officially announcing, they may run.

Our Vision

Political Crowdfunding

To simply provide a strong political voice for holding politicians accountable. Our success depends on how well we achieve this mandate.