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What is the MORE ACT?

The Marijuana Opportunity and Expungement Act is a bill in the United States Congress that would legalizes marijuana and expunge weed related criminal records. We sell these coins to lobby and advertise for the MORE Act to be come law (Read the MORE Act Here). The physical coin's ownership is certified (minted) on to the Ethereum blockchain and embedded with 10% - 25% royalty to the We Fund Politics Super PAC. You are not just investing, you are funding your politics.

Becoming a Backer is easy.

Click the bill you want to become a Law. Decide your level of support and the rewards you want to get (Non Fungible Tokens, T-shirts, etc)

For MORE Act Coin & Non fungible token (NFT).

Owners will have all commercial rights to sell, hold or trade their NFT coins. We Fund Politics does receive a 10% royalty on future sales.

For image only NFTs , and minted t-Shirts, caps etc

Owners will have all commercial rights to sell, hold or trade their NFT coins. We Fund Politics does receive a 5% royalty on future sales.

The royalties will always benefit We Fund Politics

You can make money and support your political views at the time. Your funding will help pay for commercials and ads to get increase support to get bill through congress.

Get Your Political NFT's on

We have only 10,000 rare Political NFT's including a real life challenge coin. These coins are individually numbers and each background is unique. You should remember to transfer bought the NFT and the coin together to US citizens.

What is a Shit Coin?

If you are new to cryptocurrency, you must avoid shit coins and do your research before buying anything. Cryptocurrency is very scammy, please do not speculate with our NFTs or coins. We just promote new laws to the public at large. There are no Financial Advisors at We Fund Politics so do your own research.

Shit Coins

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Safe Banking Act

Banking for legal marijuana dispensaries.

About Us

We Fund Politics is a registered Super Political Action committee founded in 2018 by King M Singleton Jr. Our FEC identification number is C00692756. We work to push better laws through congress using major ad campaigns and lobbying fuel by Ethereum NFTs and other Cryptocurrencies. Check out the bills we are rallying around now!

WFP Cryptocurrency Launching soon! This is going to be a wild ride.

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You can download our android app in the Google Play store. This app simply give you a mirror image of this website. This app will soon offer new features like push notification and crypto market reports

Our Community welcomes you and your voice to impact how we support and rally around positve legislation.